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In the process of importing vehicles, there are several other significant costs to consider:

  • Freight and insurance costs
  • The excise duties, which fluctuate between 20% and 120% of the vehicle's import value, are contingent upon the motor size.
  • Additionally, an Import Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10% is also applicable at the point of import. For more comprehensive information on these fees, please visit the official website of the Papua New Guinea Customs Service.

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Papua New Guinea used car import trade

Dolphin Shipping has shipping services to Papua New Guinea (PNG) each month. Whether you require car shipping from Japan to PNG, New Zealand to PNG or Australia, or even Singapore to Papua New Guinea we can assist. Dolphin Shipping has Breakbulk and Container Shipping options to the below mentioned ports along with others.

Discharge Ports in Papua New Guinea:

  • Lae
  • Port Moresby

JEVIC provide a Pre-Export Inspection before vehicles are exported from Japan to PNG, JEVIC also provide this inspection from New Zealand to Papua New Guinea. The JEVIC inspection will check the vehicles condition, age, odometer reading, stolen vehicle check.

Vehicle Import Age Limits for Papua New Guinea

(Source: Road Traffic Authority, PNG)

Complying with the age restrictions outlined by the Papua New Guinea Road Traffic Authority, it's imperative to observe the following guidelines when importing vehicles into the country. Remember, these age limits are calculated from the date of the vehicle's first registration in any country. Please ensure you check these details before proceeding with your vehicle import.

  • For vehicles with a gross weight not exceeding 3,500 kg, the maximum age limit at the time of import is 5 years.
  • For all other vehicles, the age limit is extended to 15 years.

There was a total of 5,180 vehicles exported from Japan to Papua New Guinea in 2022 with the largest month for exports being May 2022. Papua New Guinea is steadily recovering post the COVID-19 pandemic and PNG is now import more cars than ever each month from Japan.

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