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Vessel Information

Each Month Dolphin Shipping has vehicles arriving on Pure Car carriers (PCC) vessels.

These vessels are owned and operated by Toyofuji Shipping Services.

Toyofuji Shipping also has the capacity to charter additional vessels when volume increases, ensuring vehicles are always promptly shipped from Japan.


Interesting Facts

Size of Trans Future Vessels (5, 6 & 7) - (Length) 200 meters x (Width) 33.00 meters

Deck Heights – Deck 5 (liftable deck) 2.80m / 4.60m.All other car decks 2.10 meters high max.

Capacity of Vehicles the Trans Future Vessels can carry – 6000 Vehicles

Main stern ramp strength – 50 ton (Safe Working Load (SWL))

Vessel Names – Trans Future 5 / Trans Future 6 / Trans Future 7